Strategic Planning and Execution

OrgCentric’s strategic planning approach is built upon collaboration, on creating a dynamic vision for your organization — and on achieving desired results.


We work side-by-side with your team to build a transformative vision, refine your organization’s mission and goals, and construct a metrics-driven roadmap to turn strategy into reality.


Our approach to strategic planning is both as participants (we bring new, independent, and informed ideas and perspectives) and facilitators (we listen, we capture your best thinking, and we assimilate that thinking into a dynamic plan and actionable strategies).


OrgCentric’s capabilities extend beyond plan completion, and we can support your organization in business execution and resource allocation to ensure the developed strategy translates into action and desired outcomes.


OrgCentric can assist you in:


OrgCentric can assist you in:


  • Change Management

  • Resource Management and Structuring

  • Leadership Mentoring and Development

  • Measuring Outcomes


  • Organizational Visioning and Transformation

  • Strategic Plan Development and Facilitation·

  • Growth Strategies

  • Business Execution